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Thinking about giving a better purpose for your empty bottles? We’d love to help you with your project.

Whoever tried cutting or drilling glass bottles at home knows how challenge is to achieve a good result. Hand sanding and polishing take ages and they never look neat. With our glass processing knowledge and proper equipment we can provide the best finishing for your glass bottles so you can concentrate on the other aspects of your product design.

Working with a variety of  glass process equipment we can offer our services from 1 off till large quantities. The bottles can be supplied by the customer or sourced by us. Our aim is to avoid bottles ending up on landfill so any size order is valuable to help us achieving this goal.

If you are a candle maker, product and lightning designer, an artist or just a DIY enthusiast, you can be benefited from our services. Please contact us for pricing, ordering or any other questions.

Glass Bottle Cutting

We can cut down bottles down into tumblers, candle jars, candle holders, vases, carafes, light pendants or any other idea you might have to re-purpose glass bottles. Depending on the end product requirements we can offer 2 types of finishing – standard sanding and polishing or fire polishing. Standard finishing is suitable for candle jars, candle holders, vases or pendants; while fire polishing will give the perfect rim finishing for drinking glasses.

Champagne, beer, wine and spirit bottles cutting service

Glass Bottle Drilling

Simply drilling the bottles create many possibilities especially in order to create lamps and light pendants as the power cables will neatly come through the bottle creating a professional finishing. Drilling the bottom of previously cut bottles can become plant pots so the water can be properly drained. We can drill holes from 4mm till 50mm and this is not limited to glass bottles, other glass, ceramic or porcelain plates, pots or artefacts can be drilled to be repurposed.

Branding & Customisation

Our products can be personalised with your logo or any text message. Your business can spread a sustainable message offering an eco-friendly promotional material. If you are a restaurant, PUB or a brewery owner you can have a custom tumblers or glassware promoting your brand. If you are hosting a party or function there is no better way to impress your guests than having personalised glassware with the celebration details or custom messages. Using laser etching we can offer lower quantities with very low setup costs, for higher quantities we can also offer kiln fired printing at accessible cost. For both options the customisation are permanently printed on the glass so your logo or message will be out there forever.

Glass Bottle Chandelier

If you are a cellar owner, run a trendy cafe or have a man cave that needs that special touch we can help you designing and producing a one of a kind bottle chandelier. Combining materials such as timber and steel with glass we can create unique pendants and chandeliers. We can also help lighting designers and architects to achieve their ideas using glass bottles for home decor, shopfitting and bars decoration. If you work with other materials and want to add glass to your projects do not hesitate to contact us so we can work together to create amazing lighting pieces.

Get inspired for your next bottle project checking our website or following our Instagram @hilaupcycle and don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 56 46 01 if you need any help!

2 thoughts on “Our Services

  1. Sian Reply

    Hi there,

    I’m after a quote, please.

    Looking to get a bunch of wine bottles cut into 20-30 sets of four… so 80 – 120 old wine bottles turned into glasses.

    How much are we looking at for that?

    Also, we can provide around half the bottle (save them from going to waste!).

    And what is the turnaround time?


    • hila Post authorReply

      Hi Sian,

      Definitely we can help you, to be used as drinking glasses we cut, sand and fire polish for a perfect rim finishing. Your bottles can also be used and we complete the batch with the ones we have in stock. We are contacting you via email to discuss all the details.

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